How I work and what to expect.

Clients I work with - Adults, young people from age 13 years, trainees.

  • You can expect to be provided with a non-judgmental, down to earth approach by a respectful, open, and genuine person. I offer a safe, confidential space to share and explore emotions that may be difficult or painful. As a relational trauma informed therapist, I aim to provide a safe space where the clients' past and current relationships can be explored, understood and improved. Counselling does not offer advice yet will help you gain insight and new perspectives. I am here to listen and support you.
  • Our first session will be exploring what has brought you to therapy, what your best hopes are and to see if we are a good enough fit. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions. If we decide to work together, we will sign contracts and begin forming our therapeutic relationship. I suggest meeting weekly for the first few sessions, we can then review and see what suits you best.

We may explore some of the following themes:-

  • Exploring and understanding emotions, what they mean for you.
  • It may be relevant to explore past experiences that have influenced and shaped how you are.
  • Identifying and understanding patterns of behaviour.
  • Understanding attachment, communications, thinking and the effect on our lives.
  • We may talk about what happens in our relationship and use that as a tool for learning.
  • Focussing on your qualities, strengths and uniqueness.
  • Think about your relationship with yourself and cultivating self-compassion.
  • Supporting you with transitions and what that may involve for you.
  • Use therapy as a tool for self-awareness and greater understanding.
  • Recognising and celebrating shifts and changes.
  • All feelings are welcome.


Our work together is fully confidential. I will not share or disclose any information without your permission. There are exceptions to this such as risk of harm to yourself or others, child protection issues, order from a court of law or plans of acts of terrorism.

As part of my professional requirements, to support my work and clients’ interests, I engage in monthly supervision, and I may discuss our work. This is also confidential.

My Ethical commitment is bound by BACPs code of ethics.

Data protection

Names, telephone numbers and emails with messages are kept on a password protected phone. A signed contract and handwritten notes are kept separately in a locked filing cabinet. I do not share your details with anyone, apart from a clinical executor, who will contact you in case of an emergency, they have access to my clients’ names, telephone numbers and email.